Pricing 2017-18

"Barbara helped us explore the how's and why's of our love 
and turn it into a ceremony that was exactly what we wanted." 
~ Kelly and Craig

It's all about you. Your words. Your style. Your love. We share who you two are to each other, bonding you and your guests in joy and understanding. 
Our wedding motto is, "Have Fun, Be True." What makes each of these ceremonies unique is their different creative processes. 

Live interviews, Questionnaires and Editing, before your wedding.

• A fully customizable ceremony we write together. 
• We start with an inspiring ideas meeting. As you two share your love story and wedding wishes, we intuit and invent your one-of-a-kind wedding elements. 
• Then, you enjoy two questionnaires, one about your feelings and how you live your love, the other about logistic (rings, aisles, parachuting in...).
• Next, you experience our warm and fun live interviews, both solo and together, either in person or over Skype, if you live outside New York City. 
• I create a draft honoring all I have learned about your love.
• We edit back and forth with cheer. 
• You can include your special guests with special roles in your ceremony. They will feel honored. 
$1950 Fri-Sun
$1650 Mon-Thu

Questionnaires and Editing, before your wedding.

• We start with a ceremony structure I've created over years of celebrating good love. 
• You enjoy two questionnaires, one solo and one together. Share your answers with each other, or be surprised. 
• I then design a draft for you two, using your words and feelings. 
• We edit together with dear joy. 
Roles for special guests are welcome. 
$1450 Fri-Sun
$1150 Mon-Thu

Live Questions at your wedding, in a Pre-Written ceremony.

• You experience a lovely pre-written ceremony I've crafted - and we personalize it to you two on your wedding day.
• How? Via questions I ask you two live during your ceremony. You can know our questions in advance to prepare your answers to read aloud, or you can be surprised with our questions on your wedding day. Usually, your officiant and readers do almost all the talking. It's rare, fun, and moving for your guests to hear you speak about your love. 
• You also can include special guests reading, singing, juggling, etc. 
$850 Fri-Sun
$650 Mon-Thu

Quickie Improvised Elopement

The brevity of a City Hall style ceremony meets the sweetness of your own expression, and in a special location you choose, whether a park, restaurant, hotel, boat, classic car, horse carriage...
• It's as simple and sweet as can be. Without ceremony, yet with heart, I ask you if you want to wed, and you both say your version of "yes."
• Then you speak freely to each other, expressing your promises, made in both passion and peace.
• We pronounce you married and sign your papers.
$400 elopements only

Helicopter Wedding
A private helicopter flight for up to 4 people where you get married right in the helicopter! Soar together in love above the magnificent New York City skyline, including the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park. First, share your vows on the ground in Battery Park overlooking the Statue of Liberty, then fly into your marriage, exchanging your rings and kiss in the air!
Daytime: 20 minute flight $2550
Day or Eve: 60 minute flight $4000

  • all our correspondence & phone/Skype calls
  • performing your wedding ceremony
  • filing your signed wedding license with the New York City Clerk
Travel and rehearsal are additional.


Marry Your Self

With my Partner: $1500

Make a joyful and solid commitment to yourself before you pledge to your beloved. Part of lasting partnership is keeping yourself happy, so you can bring your best self to your spouse, and encourage their best self, too. In good love, you gain yourself, rather than lose yourself. 

Honor your own strengths,  joy, intentions to grow, and dreams in a 3-session Marry Your Self program. You can enjoy separate ceremonies or side by side ceremonies, combining your dreams into your shared path! Guests welcome.

YOU'RE INVITED! our Couples' Anniversary Party, a party for all couples who ever have celebrated your weddings with me, your officiant and Jester of the Peace.

Your wedding will be a happy, beautiful, and true celebration of
your lasting love!