Friday, November 20, 2015

Congratulations and Welcome!

"Barbara helped us explore the how's and the why's of our love and turn it into a ceremony that was exactly what we wanted." ~ Kelly and Craig, married in July

Lively Love
photo by John Mazlish
Your wedding is an artful expression of who you are, both as a couple and as individuals in love. The promises you make in your ceremony are the foundation of your marriage ~ your home. I'm your Interfaith Officiant and your friend in this process. I delight in your special love story and value your visions f
or your future. With warmth, attention, and professionalism, I bring my love to your love. Together, we create a ceremony that honors the truth and treasure of your unique union. We use a process that is uplifting and relaxing. You'll incorporate elements as they feel true to you: traditions you hold dear, contemporary elements, including possibly inventing your own, roles for family and friends, music, and more.

Melanie and Damon married on the famous dance studio floor at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, with the city backdrop twinkling behind them through floor to ceiling windows...

Desiree' and Carolee married in an indoors sports and game center, celebrating their love of games with a kid-friendly wedding. Their love story was a trivia game with guests winning prizes. Their 3 year old son played a whistle blowing little referee...

Kevin and Anoosh married barefoot on the grass and included their artist friends singing and playing instruments. They also drank wine from a single glass...

Todd and Shirley married in celebratory disco outfits, set against the pristine white snow of Central Park, and enchanted by the Park's Roller Disco Skaters. Elvis presided...

Ian and Sean married in Central Park, and shared a spontaneous first dance with a folk band performing nearby. A hundred New Yorkers and tourists sang along, and then danced with them...

Josh and Liz, photographers who met in a photo studio, snapped two cute and sweet Polaroid pictures of each other during their ceremony just before they took their vows...

Joel and Herman were married by Glinda the Good Witch of the North form the Wizard of Oz, a figure of unconditional love to them, and a nod to their rich enjoyment of Old Hollywood...

Diana and Lacey married in front of Tiffany's jewelers on Fifth Avenue in the early morning. The film Breakfast at Tiffany's was a favorite, and part of their first date. Their ceremony adapted favorite lines. Then they went to breakfast...

Stephanie and Lee, both foodies, fed each other one bite of delicious food they had created for each other in secret, presented to each other in a beautiful box on a beautiful spoon...

Miguel and Sarah married in a helicopter, soaring in love with gorgeous views of Manhattan on a sunny day...

Cornelious and Alexis married on the Four Weddings reality TV show on The Learning Channel. Their sweet and chic ceremony stole the hearts of viewers nationwide, and their family and friends right there...

And you... what's your wonderful wish?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Annual Anniversary Party for All My Wedding Couples... You're Invited!

CouplesCakes, Party Heart, Gary and Danny and Barbara
Photo: Christopher Lane

I host an Annual Anniversary Party for everyone who has ever gotten married with me... & You're Invited!

Most couples who choose me as a wedding officiant would also choose me as a friend. I feel the same way about you! We get to know each other in a special way, as we share your hearts with joy and attention, with fun, and artful love. I want to see you two again on your love's journey!

I host the Party in a different season each year, here in New York City. Some fly in from other states for the Annual Anniversary Party, and I have international couples enthused to return and celebrate, too. International couples also meet up with me when they are in town on holidays.

Most everyone who marries with me has two qualities in common: earnestness and playfulness. Imagine the party room... everyone cares about everyone else's good time with good fun!

See you at the next one... and Happy Anniversary to you two!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Love Letter Lounge - Pop-Up Gallery for Valentines - Jan 20 to Feb 9, 2015

Jester of the Peace
Barbara Ann Michaels

chashama 266

266 West 37th Street, New York, NY

Jan. 20 - Feb. 9
Mon.-Sat. Noon-6p & 
Sun. 11a-12:30p
& by Appointment

Love Letter Lounge is a participatory performance installation about Love. Gallery guests can write love letters of joy or loss to flames present, past, and future, or letters to beloved family and friends and colleagues - just in time to post for Valentine's Day. There will be a bowl at the door for guests to leave love letters for strangers. Each day, guests can practice habits of healthy love as part of the daily Lasting Love Practicum, with themes changing every few days. While In the gallery, Ms. Michaels will write her book on what she has learned about love as an award winning legal wedding officiant in New York City for the last five years, as well as from her own eccentric path of love. She offers legal weddings and symbolic ceremonies of devotion throughout the exhibition. Legal weddings require a valid New York City wedding license.


Bring your happy-in-love heart, your eager-to-love heart, your almost-healed heart, or your still-bitter one. Ms. Michaels offers all you need to create a letter to your love: real, imagined, or gone. Pen your affection to a romantic connection, to a dear friend, a family member, even a co-worker you want to appreciate. Or, leave a love letter for a stranger who needs one, in the basket by the door. A shredder will be on hand for hurt/hate mail, if you need to free yourself.


Each day, Ms. Michaels also will engage visitors in practicing a quality of healthy love via her Lasting Love Practicum. For example, on relationship communication, Be Seen or Be Heard lets guests choose to either be listened to and reflected for five minutes, or receive compliments for five minutes, directly from Ms. Michaels.


While in residence at chashama’s gallery, Ms. Michaels will write her book on what she has learned about love as an award winning New York City wedding officiant over the last five years. She’ll include stories and excerpts from her gay and straight ceremonies, which currently number about 300, and wisdom and wit from her own eccentric path of love so far. Her book is her Love Letter to all our hearts.


Pledge your devotion to any person, practice, object, place, or way of being in an improvisational ceremony guided by Ms. Michaels. If you wish to legally marry your partner at Love Letter Lounge, bring a legal wedding license!


As a theater clown and performance artist, Barbara Ann Michaels has performed at the New York Clown Theatre Festival, Susan Eley Fine Art, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Boston Museum of Science, Figment Festival and in many parades and festivals. Ms. Michaels also is an award winning wedding officiant in New York City. She recently was inducted into The Knot Hall of Fame, for winning in their Best of Weddings category for four years in a row. She is the subject of a documentary film in progress by filmmaker Carlos Marquez Perez, about how a theater clown naturally makes a good wedding officiant. She’ll be delighted to see you.

photo: courtesy of Barbara Ann Michaels 


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