Saturday, September 19, 2009

Video Chat Brings Far Loved Ones to Your Wedding

Family Gathering

Is Grandma in Italy? Your cousin John on tour with his band in Japan? Your best friend Laura from childhood working for the Peace Corps in Honduras? If your loved ones cannot attend your wedding, consider Skype-ing them in! If your venue has wi-fi, you can set up a laptop for them to see you live — before, during, or after your wedding. Cheryl Skyped her mother in the UK right before she walked down the aisle, bringing Mum sweetly to tears. Right after the ceremony, she Skyped her daughter as we all signed their marriage license. Both her Mum and daughter overseas felt the intimate joy of participating in Cheryl's ceremony.

Reach Nana from the Beach!
The same goes for working with your vendors for Destination Weddings. If you are traveling to another locale and working with a wedding officiant there, use Skype, or a similar video-chat service to meet with your officiant. I successfully - and with great fun! - used Skype with Cheryl and Wesley in the UK from New York City. Being able to see and interact with each other during the process was helpful and joyful. When we met in person, we recognized each other right away. Our connection was real and uplifting!