Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ceremonies: Your Love's Language

photo by Jade Gordon
Couples have a language unto themselves for showing affection ~ sassy nicknames, patterns of love, inside jokes. A couple’s lingo may start with a funny slip-of-the-tongue or an abbreviation. Soon, they may have built an entire love lexicon. I recently enjoyed marrying such a couple. Their word? Voshe.

photo by Steve Knight
Voshe is their shortening of the word devotion, a mutually inspiring facet of their relationship. All new words arise from a vital need in the speaker to express their feeling or idea as a new truth. For this close pair, naming and sharing voshe unifies them as a couple and as journeyers in Spirit. They feel such a breadth of understanding, joy in action, and delicious evolution in their lives from their voshe together, that they had to invent a new word for it.

I was so touched by the clarity and strength of their voshe, that we chose voshe as the theme of their ceremony. Speaking your special love language together in your ceremony can be a dear way to feel your familiar intimacy during your wedding, and can inspire your friends and family with the wisdom and wit of your love.