Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Couple Renews Vows 20 Times in 7 Years

Todd and Shirley in the Daily News
Press Release Below
#20: Disco Wedding in Central Park, New York City

Here's the DISCO SLIDE SHOW, by John Mazlish photography!

The Jaffe's  + Elvis
Todd and Shirley Jaffe are in love – so in love that they renew their vows as a hobby. Nineteen weddings in 7 years… and counting. The Jaffe’s have traveled the world learning about different countries by getting married in the style of each culture. The philosophies of love they learn are moving, fun, adventurous, and bonding.

They have married in Antarctica with penguins, in a glow worm cave, on love-famed Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, and now, for a theatrical twist, costumed in a Disco wedding outdoors in New York City’s Central Park. Elvis will officiate, with a ceremony quoting over 20 recording artists from the era. The wedding also features up and coming guitarist James Dalton Baker and, weather permitting, roller skaters from the Central Park Disco Skaters Association.

“There is nothing more sincere than having a really good time together,” says their wedding officiant and event designer Barbara Ann Michaels. Ms. Michaels is New York’s Jester of the Peace, specializing in personalized, costumed, and adventure weddings. This is her first time playing Elvis, the King of Love.

The Jaffe’s Disco wedding is mid-day on December 31, under Greyshot Arch (near W 61st Street) in Central Park.

After the ceremony, the couple plans to enjoy a great New Year’s Eve meal… and dream about wedding #21 in 2011.