Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jester of the Peace: Street Weddings

Portable Altar Halter
Times Square, Summer 2010

I believe in Love shared and Love expressed. I started "marrying" people in the streets to each other as a street performance to encourage intimacy in the Big City. By intimacy, I mean, sharing caring, feeling close, and feeling happy to be so. The opportunity to say, "I like you," "I love you," and "I appreciate you," is beautiful. I find that whether it is couples who are engaged, married couples who want to renew vows, friends who want to pledge their affection as a lark... as soon as people adopt the physical stance of marriage, join hands and look at each other, something happens. They get sincere. Some may retain a feeling of goofiness in tandem, yet the sincerity is loud and clear. I've had people cry, laugh, dance, hug, yell out, sing, and simply smile.

These marriages are not 'legal' in the sense that there is no state contract and signatures. Yet, they are moments of genuine love. Truer than true... enjoy!

Pride Parade
New York City 2010

Family Vow Renewal
Coney Island, NYC 2010

Spontaneous Affection
Bryant Park NYC 2010

Best Friends Forever
Times Square 2010