Thursday, October 23, 2014

In the News

Cheers, my non-traditional vows are published in The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows and Traditions.

The New York Times featured me in a full article about Amber and Marc's inspiring and brave love story. Here's our joyful photo, and their tale of truth and treasure.

The NYT also chose Jester of the Peace as a must-see as part of the 2013 Figment Festival, a celebration of participatory art, where event goers could 'marry' any person, place, thing, or dream of their heart.

Time Out New York featured me as one of Five Unique Marriage Officiants.

CNN quoted me in an article about non-traditional wedding elements.

New York Magazine featured me in the Fashion spread online from the LGBT Pride March, in my polka dotted Jester of the Peace outfit. I'm slide #28! 

The Huffington Post featured a video of Sharon and Eli's rainbow theme wedding in their Gay Voices section. The short documentary is a collaboration of Jester of the Peace and HoopLaHa, a site devoted to sharing good news through inspiring videos and events.

HuffPo also featured me in an interfaith article about Tiffany and Katrina's wedding that respectfully and joyfully celebrated wedding traditions from several faiths in a dear wish for worldwide Marriage Equality.

Alexis and Cornelious married on The Learning Channel on the Four Weddings reality TV show, officiated by Barbara.

Todd and Shirley's Disco vow renewal was featured with a photo in the New York Daily News. Barbara presided as Elvis.

My costume for spontaneous "weddings" in celebration of New York Marriage Equality on the Fourth of July was featured online by the Fire Island News.