Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Inspires Judicial Waiver in NYC

Australians Scott and Melanie live in London, yet are in New York for the Royal Wedding. They've been a couple for two years, and engaged several months. yet haven't planned a wedding. Melanie and Scott show their spirit for England by watching the Royal Wedding on TV, in the early morning hours from their Central Park hotel room. Along with millions of lovers around the world, Melanie and Scott are suddenly so taken with the Duke and his new Duchess, they decide with a happy kiss... let's get married today! They dial their hotel concierge, Carlos, at 9:00am, who calls me immediately.

Barbara: Hello, Jester of the Peace...
Carlos: Barbara, I have a couple who want their own Royal Wedding... today!
Barbara: Well, usually there is a 24 hour waiting period after you get your marriage license in New York City. Would they like to get married tomorrow?
Carlos: I'll connect you with the couple. They're very excited.

Barbara: Ok! Hello?
Scott: Hi Barbara, this is Scott. We want to get married today... and found out we can get a Judicial Waiver of the waiting period!
Barbara: Judicial Waiver? OK, get right down to the Marriage Bureau and we'll talk later!

This is how I learned that New York State has a Judicial Waiver that allows couples to lift the 24 hour waiting period. Enthusiastic or otherwise Hurried Couples get your marriage license first and then request a waiver application from the County Clerk. A judge approves your papers and you two can marry on the spot, or in any prettier place you choose. Your officiant must attach the waiver to your signed license when s/he files your wedding papers.

Melanie and Scott got their waiver. To have their friend to witness, they actually married the next day in Central Park... along with the many passersby who always watch weddings and applaud at the kiss in Central Park! Then, they enjoyed a photo shoot with photographer John Mazlish, around the Park and at their restaurant-with-a-view.

When love springs up, New York City is ready...

photo by John Mazlish