Thursday, May 12, 2011

Best 'Best Man' Wedding Speech Outline

You're a Best Man. You love your Groom. He's your brother, your best friend, your close relative - in short, he matters to you. You want to make him and his beloved look good, and you want to look good, too. When you think of delivering a Best Man speech at his wedding, you first imagine the best: everyone clapping with utter joy; the couple kisses... again; champagne flows; your 'success' soundtrack kicks in one cue. Then you imagine the worst. You deliver your speech and embarrass your groom, yourself, or worse... his new mother-in-law. The audience reaction? Crickets...

Relax. People come to a wedding to see and feel the couple in love. They've got that covered. Just share your caring and happiness for them in a real way, and your speech is icing on the wedding cake.

So, how do you, a well-intentioned Best Man, start a speech, when you have a blank page in your mind, and a million memories that could fit the bill?

Zohar Adner, life coach at Stop Stressing Out and author of The Gift of Stress, has been there to toast - several times. Here's his:

Outline for an Intimate, Touching, Stress-Free Wedding Speech.

You're already a Best Man in your Groom's life. You're already great. Your wedding speech will be, too... Cheers!