Thursday, May 5, 2011

Invite Fun: 90 Unique Wedding Invitations

You have counted and recounted (and recounted) your guest list - as you recount sweet and/or saucy times with those you're inviting to your wedding. You've squeezed in three more, and squeezed your honey for support. You've created grand visions in your mind of everyone getting along, glasses clinking, eyes twinkling -- and/or one or two tossing each other headlong into the fountain. Have a laugh... and put it to paper.

Your wedding invitation is one the few pieces of paper loved ones exchange by postal mail anymore. Your invitation sets the tone for your ceremony and your party. It can share your personality and your love story. Here are three links to artful invites, interestingly, all connected by the number 30...

Thirty Nerdy Wedding Invitations

30 Fun and Fantastic Wedding Invitations

30 Editor's Pick Wedding Invitations