Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rain on Your Wedding Day

It rained at Mike and Debbie's outdoor wedding in the country. It misted at Mickelle and Andrew's wedding in the garden. At Jeff and Briana's wedding in the park, everyone raised umbrellas for the steady drizzle. All of them were happy.

Rain?! After all your dreaming and planning it's raining for your outdoor wedding? What do you do? Cry, adding more rain to the situation. Sigh, and step out to catch a raindrop on your tongue? Dance in a puddle with your partner?

Relax, I have officiated several weddings in the rain, and truthfully, rain is beautiful. There's something about the sound of raindrops on umbrellas, and raindrops on a tent that is quite intimate. Think of those slow days as a kid watching rain on the window. Rain makes one naturally contemplative, so does a wedding. Rain focuses your guests attention in this thoughtful way on your ceremony and love story.

Mike was a bit nervous before his wedding. As he stood with me, he realized that the rain was calming him down. He said, "Wow, this rain is relaxing. I'm glad it's raining. It's better this way." I told that to Debbie after the wedding; she was pleased. She had been feeling a little disappointed beforehand, yet trying to make the best of it ~ especially since they had planned lawn games as a reception activity. The rain and love worked their magic on her, too... after their ceremony and with their guests (who were out enjoying each other as if it was sunny!), she honestly said, "It was perfect."

Once your wedding begins, you will not notice the weather. You will be swept into your love with your partner. None of the couples I have ever married in the rain cared that it rained after their ceremony. Besides, to thrive in your marriage you two are going to need to be able to roll with life. What's important; what's not?

At Brianna and Jeff's wedding, the raindrops were actually falling on my ceremony pages between the umbrellas. I use a presentation book with plastic sleeves, so I just smiled, flicked away the drops and kept focus on the joy we were all sharing. After their wedding, the guests were all talking about Jeff and Briana, the beauty of their ceremony, catching up with each other ~ not so much the rain; which will be its own good story for later. Jeff and Briana also said sincerely, "It was wonderful."

All this said, it is good to have a weather back-up plan. Some couples plan to go to their reception venue if it's too rainy, others have a tent. Just have a plan, so you don't have to wonder what to do on your wedding day if it rains ~ so you can just be in love.

As Julie Andrews sings in the Sound of Music, raindrops on roses are a few of her favorite things. And lots of guests also will line up to tell you rain is good luck!