Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jester of the Peace Chapel debuts Sept 26-30 NYC

Sept. 26 to 30

What: Performance artist Barbara Ann Michaels, aka the "Jester of the Peace," legally marries gay and straight couples in a week of spontaneous, spectacular, and special ceremonies at chashama 217.

When: Mon 10-8, Tue 10-5, Wed 10-2, Thu 10-10, Fri 10-3, and by appointment. 646-648-0128 or Walk-ins and reservations welcome!

Where: chashama 217 • 217 E. 42nd St. (b/w 2nd and 3rd Aves.)

renew vows • get married  • propose  • write a love letter
play a game • say I Love You (in a song)

More: New York is in love with Equal Marriage! Get hitched and have fun with the "Jester of the Peace." From Sept. 26 to 30th, LGBT and straight couples can legally wed, renew vows, or just declare love as partners or friends in styles from zany to sweet. Don costumes from gowns to clowns, sing your vows. Themes change daily.

Couples wanting legal marriage must provide a valid New York City marriage license on arrival. Appointments and Walk-Ins welcome. Far-off relatives and friends can attend via Skype (and maybe even do a reading!).

"There is nothing more sincere than having a really good time together," says real-life wedding officiant Barbara Ann Michaels. Ms. Michaels is New York’s “Jester of the Peace,” specializing in personalized, costumed, and adventure weddings. Says Michaels, "I have married couples at many elegant New York venues, in spontaneous declarations of love in Times Square, and on a reality TV show. No matter the form of a wedding, the sincerity of the couple’s love and commitment always shine through 100%. The modern trend is for your wedding to express who you are together. For couples who wouldn’t feel true to themselves without also expressing their creativity, I’m here. At the nexus of love and art."

The "Jester of the Peace" will also offer love letter writing, love grams by phone on the spot, making wedding rings from odds and ends, themed games, and a secret box to release whatever gets in the way of love in your life. Love is Art. Art is Love. And you’re invited to the wedding!