Friday, February 3, 2012

Wedding Vows - The Sound and Meaning of Words

Science of Love
Found on the blog of Oscar Dela Hopia

What do your wedding vows sound like? Which are the syllables that make the music of your promises?

In my Interfaith Minister studies, Islam stands out as a faith devoted to spiritual words and texts. The sounds of the words have great value, as well as the meanings. From the Muslim Voices Festival website:

"According to Kristina Nelson, author of The Art of Reciting the Qur’an, “the significance of the revelation is carried as much by the sound as by its semantic information. In other words, the Qur’an is not the Qur’an unless it is heard.” (Nelson 1985: xiv)"

I'm inspired to take this beautiful concept to wedding vows. The promises you make to each other in your wedding ceremony carry deep meaning and uplifting joy between you. You reveal your love and devotion for one another through the specific words of your vows. Each word has a meaning and a sound. Listening to your partner's sounds of love is a certain music to your heart and mind. Your music of devotion also plays to your listening family and friends. The sounds of your words echo in everyone's heart.

As you're creating your vows, take time to sound out the words. Enjoy the music of your promise together with your partner. This close listening is fun, and requires you both to really slow down and take in what you'll be saying. If you're already married, revisit your vows as music on your anniversary. Listen to the rhythm, note the syllable sounds. How do you feel when you truly listen to the sounds of your vows? You may feel sacred, meditative, amused, and more!

If you love music, consider putting your vows to music, making a song you can sing together and to yourself. Sing your song of promise in light times and as a reminder during challenges. When we first are taught things, like the alphabet, we learn a song. Music helps us remember.