Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Valentine for Men - Manentine's Day, March 14

Manentine's Day!
Are you in love with a man? March 14th, celebrate the man who flutters and grounds your heart with his own holiday: Manentine's Day! I interviewed the founder of Manentine's Day, Jenna, who started celebrating this holiday of manly love on her own years ago to honor her wonderful partner Sky. (Yes, they're engaged!) She wanted to show him as big a love as he was showing her on Valentine's Day. Turns out, Manentine's has both international precedent and growing appeal. The world loves men!

The 10 Rules of Manentine's Day

Barbara: Jenna, do you feel men and women love differently, as an inspiration for two holidays?

Jenna: Yes, men often feel an obligation to show their love by spending money on women with gifts or expensive restaurants. Women tend to show their love by creating something ~ a poem, a photo book, baking a pie or planning fun activities. This is clear on Valentine's Day, where in the US a man splurges on his woman and plans things that will make her happy. Often, it's a day of fun loving surprises for women, but rarely so for the men. That's why Manentine's Day was created! Here's a day where women or partners can reciprocate their love and thankfulness towards their men with a special day for him ~ one month after Valentine's Day when he celebrated his for love you.

Barbara: How far into the world are you getting enthused Manentine's celebrants and have any surprised you?

Jenna: Manentine's Day actually already existed in other cultures. In many Asian cultures, Valentine's Day is for to women offer gifts to men to show their love. Then on March 14th, they celebrate White Day, where men offer gifts to women. In the US, it's the opposite, we celebrate the woman first on Valentine's Day, and then the man on Manentine's Day. This holiday is growing in the US, Africa, and Eastern Europe so far since the holiday officially was announced. I think no matter the culture, there is always a desire for couples to feel equal or balanced in their relationship. People really like the idea of two separate days to celebrate each person in the relationship, each having the spot light of love and appreciation for that day to make them feel special.

Barbara: Any folks holding to one holiday for equal love?

Jenna: We've heard some critics say both people in the relationship are celebrated/praised on Valentine's Day ~ why need another holiday? There are even those that don't like Valentine's Day being so commercialized ~ a couple should randomly celebrate their love without a day to remind them. While that all sounds nice, and in a perfect world that may be true, the reality is much different. Manentine's Day is a great solution to reality. Women have been writing to us how much they are looking forward to planning for and celebrating their man on March 14th. It's also a great incentive for men to try even harder on Valentine's Day, hoping they'll earn a special Manentine's Day for them.

Barbara: How can gay men celebrate Manentine's Day?

Jenna: Manentine's Day can be celebrated by gay couples, by choosing to celebrate one person on Valentine's Day and the other person on Manentine's Day. Two holidays give all couples a way to celebrate their love for their significant other with a special day just for them. Manentine's Day is all about equality and reciprocating love. With just Valentine's Day, it can be hard to plan surprises for each other on the same day. It's better to take time to plan a special day around what your sweetheart likes, and make them feel like a king or queen. You'll be able to return the favor on Manentine's Day!

And don't forget Manentine's Day can be celebrated by single men with their bros too.

Barbara: Do you see yourself starting other holidays to bring people closer together? Is celebration one of your super-powers?

Jenna: I've been celebrating Manentine's Day in my personal relationship for many years, and after sharing the idea with a few others, I was encouraged to make a central resource to help others celebrate it as well. As far as other holidays, I don't think so. However, I do think Valentine's Day could use an upgrade, so stay tuned.

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