Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10 Reasons Brides and Grooms Love Each Other

All the beautiful things my couples say to each other 
become a part of me.
photo from the Jester of the Peace Chapel at chashama

Brides and Grooms are in love. We're all run to their weddings to see it, celebrate it, and take it home with us in the form of gems of memory. Here are 10 great reasons why some of my grooms and brides, and brides and brides, and grooms and grooms love each other... quotes from their weddings that still make my heart and mind smile.

Robert loves George
"I adore his passion.  His ability to make me laugh....at myself mostly. His fantastic ability to love me with no judgements (ok a few). But I love just being next to him knowing how much I love him and his loving me back."

Joe loves Danielle
"Living in a one bedroom Queens apartment for five years, it’s difficult to surprise each other. Especially when we are both so terrible at keeping secrets from the other. She finds ways." 

Carolee loves Desiree
"She puts up with my crazy ideas and still loves me afterward. Just who I am ~ she never asks me to be something I am not. She is my best friend through crisis, and my playmate for adventures."

Victoria loves Justin
"He takes me as I am. I love all of who he is, too. He is loving, caring, honest, creative, understanding, patient, smart, funny, and a better cook than I am." 

Joel loves Herman 
"In love, we have overcome poppy fields, flying monkeys, wicked witches, and false wizards."

Scott loves Anne-Sophie 
"I can talk to her about anything on my heart and mind. I love that we can spend the whole day together and still have lots to talk about and time for each other."

Gail loves Susan 
"I feel loved by her when she simply comes home to me every day."

Susan loves Gail 
"When she holds me, all my stresses and the noise of life seem to disappear into her love. She is my “Mighty Paladin,” a healer in the World of Warcraft, and my guide in this world."

Andrew loves Jennifer
"She helps me see what’s really important ~ simply sharing love. So, I feels extra loved when falling asleep at night, realizing I have no room in the bed because she is always on my side with me."

Jennifer loves Andrew 
"With him on my team, I know I'm not going to be that kid stuck with the partner who won't hold up his weight at the science fair… you see, part of me is still the nerd I was when I first started dreaming of prince charming. He always maks me feel like the most special woman in the world. I am proud to be standing by his side, sharing the same dreams."

And you? Why do you love who you love?