Monday, January 4, 2016

Marriage Secret: Little Things are the Big Things

Love is always Hand Made...
photo by Gabriela Gonza

In most every wedding ceremony, I include the idea that it is the little things you do each day that add up to the one big thing that is your happy marriage. When I asked Deb and Stephanie when they feel loved by each other, both of them unbeknownst to the other, made a long list! This is especially sweet for two reasons. (1) Their first date was to see the movie The Bucket List (about making and accomplishing a wish list), and (2) One Thanksgiving, Stephanie had made a list of the qualities she was looking in a partner... when Deb showed up in her life a year later to the day, she realized Deb fit every one. Enjoy this sweet and sincere combined list of 36 "little things that mean a lot."

1.     When she hugs and kisses me Good Night and Good Morning.
2.     When she brings me coffee to bed in the morning.
3.     When she rubs my back and shoulders.
4.     When we read a book together.
5.     When she cares for our animals.
6.     When she cuts fruit and prepares breakfast for work for me.
7.     When she thinks of me and sends me text messages.
8.     When she tells me she misses me.
9.     When she can’t wait to see me.
10.  When she prepares the coffee maker for me at night.
11.  When we laugh until we cry.
12.  When we spend quality time together.
13.  When we plan our adventures together.
14.  When she tunes into my mood changes instantly.
15.  When she greets me with love, a smile, a hug, and a kiss every time I come home.
16.  When we dance together…
17. When she looks at me with such openness and vulnerability
18.  When she kisses me tenderly and how her lips linger at times to stay touching mine
19.  When she hugs me
20.  When she runs her fingers through my hair
21.  When her eyes light up and she smiles when seeing me
22.  When she wakes up early and spends time with me
23.  When she is dedicated to creating time for us to connect
24.  When it is a priority to snuggle before sleep and when we wake up
25.  When she randomly texts me with sweet messages
26.  When she calls me and sees how I am doing or just to tell me that she was thinking of me.
27. When she cooks for me
28.  When she holds my hand in private and in public
29.  When she makes me tea
30. When she walks by me and touches me
31. When she shows interest in my work and asks me about my day and listens
32.  When she helps me with projects because she wants to
33.  When she gets excited about spending time with me
34.  When she is making love to me
35. When she tells me she loves me.
36. When she tells me she loves me. 

What's one little thing you have done today to share your love with a lover, family member, or friend?