Friday, July 27, 2012

Danny and Gary Tie the Knot after 20 Years

Danny and Gary "tie the knot" after 20 years together. 

Daniel Scaringi and Gary Hocevar married in Central Park on July 27, 2012 ~ 20 years to the day that they met in a school administration office, after Gary's superintendent told him that his new Assistant Principal Danny was a special person and would be a "perfect match" for him. How right he was! They also married right across the street from the New York hospital where Danny was born. 

Being nautical by nature, they shared a rope tying ceremony to symbolize that they are strong as rope as individuals and unbreakable as a couple. Gary and Danny had worn wedding bands on their right hands for many years, after a private commitment ceremony they held at home in Florida. Now, as part of their legal wedding vows, they "made it right" by moving each other's wedding band to the left. 

Truth, trust, generosity and fun characterize Danny and Gary as a couple. They wrote and performed this scene as part of their wedding vows. Enjoy... they do! 

Danny:   “Gary”
Gary:     “Danny”
Danny & Gary: “WOW”
Gary:     “Danny can you believe we are here in New York City where you were born right across the street to pledge our vows of marriage?”
Danny:   “No, pinch me Gary, I never thought this day would come, but it is finally here.”
Gary:     “Now Danny, we don’t have to decide each time how to introduce each other…partner, lover, significant other, but rather this is Danny he is my spouse….”
Danny:   “Yes Gary that has an appropriate and authentic sound and meaning. Hi, this is Gary my spouse or Hi, I’m Gary’s spouse!”
Gary:     “I am so happy today, Danny, and I know that Lucia and Alan, my parents would be here today, and in some very special way I know their spirits are standing with us.”
Danny:   "Yes, and Dad, Chelo, Uncle Tony my God Father and Evelyn my older sister would have been here too yet in spirit they are with us all.”
Gary:     “Let’s remember them and keep them alive by always talking about them and the wonders of their lives. Lucia said to always live life to the fullest and smile.”
Gary:     “So Danny,”
Danny:   “Yes, Gary?”
Gary:     “Are you absolutely sure you want to be with me for the next 40 years or so? It won’t be pretty!”
Danny:   “It’s not pretty now but yes, I do. And how about you? Are you absolutely sure you want to be with me for the next 40 years or so? It won’t be pretty either!”
Gary:     “Absolutely, pretty or not, you're mine and I will always be yours!”
Danny & Gary: “Okay it’s a deal. I love you so much.”

(Danny and Gary shake hands and hug….but no kiss until Barbara tells us...)

The Nuptial Hug