Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jester of the Peace at the New York Clown Theatre Festival 9/18!

Jester of the Peace is here for YOUR LOVE at the
New York Clown Theatre Festival 9/18/12!

photo by Christopher Lane

Read this review of the September 18th show by 
clown blogger Nina Levine! 

Dearly besotted . . . come get “married” or even legally married at the New York Clown Theatre Festival by the Jester of the Peace! 

Declare your truer love with a person or group of people, for a physical object of your affection, your life vision or ideal, a pet, or even a place your adore in an evening of love and laughter. Bring him/her/it/them/you to our “wedding night” party. 

Barbara Ann Michaels is a real-life New York wedding officiant and an art-life clown and performance artist. Enjoy spontaneous street art–style ceremonies that instantly evoke real emotion and enthusiasm. Be understood. Inspire others with your love. 

Art is Love. Love is Art. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

JESTER OF THE PEACE: Devotions of Love
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 
8pm at 
The Brick Theater

(Questions and Ideas? Email me here or call 646-648-0128)


Read this blog post about the show by clown blogger Nina Levine! 

“Regardless of the level of [wedding] formality, Michaels is willing to [do and] wear just about anything to make the event more personal for the couple.”—Time Out New York

“She was able to take our crazy ideas and materialize them into a ceremony that kept our guests on the edge of their seats some times laughing and sometimes crying with tears of joy.”—Carolee and Desiree, married 2011 by Jester of the Peace, Barbara Ann Michaels