Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jester of the Peace Documentary Film in Production

I am delighted to announce that I am the subject of a documentary film about my creative weddings as the Jester of the Peace. Australian filmmaker Carlos Marquez Perez is capturing the spirited sincerity of the unique unions I officiate.

From my Coney Island and Times Square spontaneous street vows, to my more traditional yet highly personalized ceremonies, to the Disco Wedding where I impersonated Elvis, the Jester of the Peace film is about the heart and art at the center of what I do for your zesty "I do."

We shot initial footage in Summer 2010 when Carlos was visiting the US. Guerilla Language facilitator Eric "Lalo" Graham is the interviewer, and is collaborating on the structure and feel of the film.

The Jester of the Peace film arose from Lalo and I having adventures in New York City. He is an unstoppable connector of people (as I am), and loves to talk to strangers (me too). All this feeds into his passion for teaching people how to speak new languages ~ including supporting my teaching the language of love.

We had gone to chat about work to the Gershwin Hotel, a place known for the cocoon-like artwork on its building facade. Smiling, Lalo tells the man behind the wine bar, "Do you know who she is? She is the Jester of the Peace!" This isn't a first; it always makes me feel special.

Fast forward an hour later to the experience that inspires the documentary film...

Lalo and I wander the hotel just to see the decor and find a library. There, a Landmark Education Forum homework meeting is in swing. We engage them, so to speak. One friendly student tells us of her evolving capacity for commitment. Lalo pipes up, "Well, Barbara is the Jester of the Peace. She can "marry" you to your friend right now!" There's a fun pause, and a flurry of "really?" zips around the room. I "wed" them on the spot. Friends Bonny and Candice pledge their friendship to each other in an impromptu and sweet ceremony witnessed by their enthused peers. Talk about doing your homework! Fun note: both these women were strangers to me and I have discovered they are both friends of friends in the last year!

I'll be shooting more footage for the documentary in June and July 2011. Would you like to have your unique wedding idea considered for the film? Send me a note at with your dream. Simply answer the question:

If you were to share your vows in a unique way that is absolutely true to you, what would you do?

Cheers for your lively love; I look forward to hearing from you!