Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Legal Same Sex Marriage for New York

Tiffany and Katrina
Married at Pop Up Chapel by Jester of the Peace
July 30, 2011
photo Amanda Davidson

Same Sex Marriage became law in New York State on July 24th, 2011. That Sunday, hundreds of couples went down to the New York City Marriage Bureau and tied the knot. Volunteer judges waived the 24 hour waiting period, so loving couples could pledge their devotion for life on the spot. As each couple emerged from the Marriage Bureau, they made a victorious and celebratory wave to cheering crowds, often sealed with a kiss. Each wedded couple I saw touched my heart and many made me misty-eyed. Love is at the heart of all the world's great teachings on how to have a healthy society. New York is now a kinder, healthier, safer, and more fun place with legal LGBTQ marriage.

The following Sunday, July 30, 24 couples were gifted free weddings in Central Park at Pop Up Chapel. This collective celebration of lasting love was created by a group of friends rallied by Bex Schwartz. Pop Up Chapel grew quickly to include wedding vendors from florists and caterers, to photo and videographers, architects, and of course secular officiants and clergy. (I found out about it on Twitter!) The Knot, as a major sponsor, helped rally national press attention. The spirit of community generosity of the Pop Up Chapel weddings is the perfect welcome for legally married gay and lesbian couples in New York State. All marriages need community to thrive. And all thriving marriages contribute to strong communities.

Congratulations to everyone!