Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Speech for Your Wedding

Jean Dujardin winning Best Actor 2012 for The Artist
(Great tux for a wedding!)
photo by www.stuff.co.nz

At first, amid all the wedding choices and organizing, your wedding can feel like your lifetime creative achievement, with your marriage as your Oscar ~ even though it's the other way around! After the honeymoon, when the photos come back, and life returns to a new normal, your wedding can feel like an award on your shelf ~ for the profound creative accomplishment of your heart that is your growing marriage.

Your wedding rings are really your Oscar, whether they are gold, silver, platinum, titanium, or brass. They stand there proudly on your finger, reminding you of the collaborative artistry of your love. Collaboration is the key.

Watching the Oscar's recently, I listened closely to the speeches. Film artists, actors, and actresses thank their colleagues, their families, and each other. The dresses and tuxes set the elegant scene ~ and remind me of a wedding. No one wins an Oscar alone. Every golden prize has a community behind it, seen and unseen.

Celebrating her 2012 Oscar for Best Actress for her role as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady," Meryl Streep thanked her husband first to make sure he was honored with everyone's attention. She said everything she really values came to her through him:

The wedding speeches at your reception remind me of Oscar speeches. "I'd like to thank my family, and the friends who encouraged me in love, without whom I would not be here today... (and our caterer and our officiant...wink!). At life's milestones you can realize more clearly how much you are loved. Sometimes your sources of support are so obvious and sometimes they're surprising.

Take a moment now to think about the people in your life so far who help you love well ~ the adults and the kids. The ones who help you get clarity with their uber-honesty. The ones who hold you through confusion. The ones who advocate for your strongest self. The ones who delight in your sense of humor. Who listens to you really well and understands you? Who helps you evolve? These people are your Academy. Be glad they're voting for you with their hearts and their time. In your way, thank them for helping you win your Oscar in love. Celebrate your community!

PS: I'm so delighted that The Artist won best picture as the clown and performer in me LOVED it!